• Chuck

I Have A Cabin

It's nothing fancy. Water pumped from the lake. Plumbing that seems to leak each year. An outhouse. (Deluxe, according to the purchase agreement.) It's shared with three other families, so time there is precious. But it has one amazing feature. A large screen porch that sits just above the water. It is my favorite place in the world. We play games there, eat there, talk there, and, best of all, sit and enjoy the quiet and the view. Preferably, with a martini.

Unfortunately, it is very likely I will not be going to the cabin this year. The cabin is in Canada and I am in Minnesota. With the surge in covid csses in the U.S., it seems likely the border will remain closed. I am certain that when I can again go to my favorite place, I will appreciate it all the more. And hopefully we all will have things we will not take for granted when this pandemic had passed. Stay safe.

Here's a picture from my favorite place. Cheers.

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