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The Trask Brothers Mysteries - The identical twin Trask brothers, Don (lead agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) and Dave (Lake County Sheriff) team up to hunt bad guys and do a little fishing.



Politics. Greed. Revenge. MURDER.


In this latest chilling installment of the acclaimed Trask Brothers Mysteries, someone is out for revenge. But who and why?


Congresswoman Amanda Brock’s brother has been murdered. When she receives a threatening note after the killing, she goes to the governor, asking that Special Agent Don Trask investigate the murder. Trask has his suspicions.

  • He’s suspicious that the congresswoman may have orchestrated the murder or done it herself

  • He’s suspicious that the congresswoman is setting him up for failure as a means for revenge

  • He’s suspicious that the governor may be getting him involved for his own political gain


As more deaths occur, and more notes appear, Trask can feel the noose tighten. But is it around her neck, or his?


When a biologist at the Wolf Center is found dead inside a pen, sheriff Dave Trask isn't too concerned. If her death was an accident, the tribal police will be responsible. But soon it is discovered that she was murdered, and now it becomes Dave's job to find a killer.

His suspects are many - protestors who feel the Wolf Center is cruel to the animals, ranchers who want to eliminate the wolves, and tribal members eager to get the Wolf Center property for a new casino. Soon he discovers more suspects among the staff at the Wolf Center.

When another biologist is murdered, Dave races to stop a killer more deadly than any wolf.


Poetry For The Dead

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

There has been a brutal murder near the town of Little Falls in central Minnesota, a young woman’s throat has been cut. Soon after, lead agent Don Trask of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) receives a cryptic poem. His assistant thinks it may be related to the murder, but Trask isn’t so sure.

When a second poem arrives after another murder, there is no longer a question and Don heads to Little Falls.  Don soon finds an expanding suspect list and knows the time is short if he is to stop a killer before another poem arrives.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock


 Frozen Fears

Special agent Don Trask of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) had been sent to the small western Minnesota town of Ballston in the dead of winter. The body of a woman had been found and was believed to be the daughter of a powerful Minnesota politician. The governor had insisted the BCA send its lead investigator to demonstrate his concern. That was Trask.


It was her, no doubt, and Trask was tempted to turn and leave, but things did not make sense. Small things, but enough that Trask felt obligated to dig a little deeper.


The Collectors Club

A man's body washes up on the shore of Lake Superior, the victim of a hit and run on the lake. Sheriff Dave Trask investigates, discouraged by the odds of finding the boat operator responsible. He learns the man is a member of an odd group of people who collect things. And then, another member of the club is murdered.

Trask can find no connection between the murders of the two club members but suspects there is a tie, and that the other members of the club may be in danger. What he discovers is something much different.

COLD TEARS kindle cover.jpg

Forgotten Fears 


BCA agent Don Trask and his serious girlfriend, Lieutenant Melanie Jenkins of the Stillwater police are on a relaxing vacation, only to have it cut short by the news that Mel's sister has been brutally attacked.

The attack is the work of a mysterious drug lord called Diablo, a warning to Don to back off on his search for the killer of his parents, his search for Diablo. But Don refuses to stop, and Jenkins begins her own investigation, putting their lives and the lives of those close to them in mortal danger.

Cold Tears

Total darkness. The woman had no idea where she was or how she got there. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid the light would cause more pain than she could handle. But she needn't have worried. No light could penetrate.


A woman's body found at the base of a cliff. No identification. Sheriff Dave Trask had no clue as to who she was or how she got there. And then, a month later, another woman goes over the cliff in the same location. Trask believes the two cases must be related but can find no link between the Jane Doe and the second woman, a park ranger.

Trask is stumped and feels his only option is to push. Unfortunately, that option will put his wife and daughter in grave danger.

Purgatory Creek
The nightmare he had locked away has suddenly burst through the door.  Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) Lead Agent Don Trask is forced to relive the case he couldn't solve and only wanted to forget. 

 A storm has unearthed the remains of a child, remains Trask is sure is a girl that was taken, a girl he could not find.  But it was not the girl's disappearance that preyed on Trask's mind as much as the fact that he knew who had taken her, and could never prove it.

  Now, another child has gone missing from the same area.  Trask is forced to enter the search, only to find that the man he suspected of the original abduction still lives nearby.  Trask is warned to stay away from the man but his obsession flares.  He will not rest this time until justice is served.

Bring Her Home Cover
Bring Her Home

The Trask brothers are back for the fourth book in the series.  Their weather-delayed fishing trip has left them bored.  They decide to kill some time looking into the case file of a local woman that went missing three years earlier.  The Trasks soon discover that this woman is not the only one who has recently disappeared from the area, and they are soon racing to stop a serial killer before he strikes again.  Bring Her Home introduces BCA Agent Danny Carlisle, enlisted by Don Trask to assist in the investigation, who finds herself the target of another killer.   

Clean Kill Cover
Clean Kill

Spring is in the air in Minnesota and someone has decided it's time to do some serious spring cleaning. Bodies are turning up in Minneapolis and on the north shore of Lake Superior with a similar characteristic, they are very clean. Now it's up to Special Agent Don Trask of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and his twin brother Dave, sheriff of Lake County, to figure out if they have a serial killer on their hands - and how to stop him before the state is in panic and he kills again.

Blood River Cover
Blood River

First in the series.

A deadly and ancient evil has come alive in the north woods of Minnesota, seeking revenge for the injustices done to his people. Dave Trask is the new sheriff of Lake County Minnesota. When elected he thought the job would entail locating lost campers and catching poachers but now someone is murdering guests at the fishing lodges in the county. The murders are brutal and bloody, threatening to destroy the tourist business vital to the region, as well as creating conflict between lodge owners and the Native American population. As the bodies mount, Dave is feeling the pressure from lodge owners and politicians to put a stop to the killings, and questioning why he ever took the job.

No Other Gods Cover
No Other Gods

He has been chosen by God to make people remember that there is only one true God. And he has chosen the sleepy river town of Stillwater Minnesota to deliver God's message. Don Trask, lead investigator for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, teams up with his on-again, off-again, currently on-again girlfriend, Lieutenant Melanie Jenkins of the Stillwater Police Department, to try to catch a killer who is driving church attendance higher with every sinner's life he feels drawn to end.

A Time For Revenge

Dave Trask is on his first vacation in years on beautiful South Padre Island, escaping the long Minnesota winter.  But Sheriff Trask can't seem to escape his past when a skeleton turns up on South Padre, a place he had been twenty-five years earlier, when a girl went missing.  Dave suspects his old college roommate, and enlists his brother, Special Agent Don Trask of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), to find a link.  With the help of BCA Agent Danny Carlisle, they discover missing girls in Texas and Florida that could be tied to Dave's roommate.  Or not.  And then the killing begins.

Danny Carlisle Murder Mysteries - Agent Danny Carlisle works for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in Duluth.  Single, attractive, and headstrong, she is a bulldog who won't let go of a case, which seems to get her in trouble on a regular basis.



Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent Danny Carlisle is not happy. She has been pulled from a developing smuggling investigation to assist the Duluth police in their search for two missing young women. None of the excitement involved in trying to catch a band of smugglers. At least that was what Danny thought until the women turned up dead.


As Danny and the Duluth police investigate, they soon find themselves following multiple leads with a suspect list that seems to grow by the day. When another woman is murdered, the police zero in on a particular suspect, but Danny isn’t convinced he is the one. She has her eye on an exclusive fitness club for young single professionals.


A club where membership means you may be running for your life.

The Edge of Winter

Winter has come early to Duluth Minnesota and with it a curious murder.  A prominent businessman has been stabbed to death in his fish house, and almost everyone - family, employees, and even the sheriff seem almost pleased he is gone.   Headstrong Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent Danny Carlisle has been assigned the case - one with too many suspects and too few clues to narrow down the suspect list.  But she needn't have worried, someone is narrowing down her list for her by killing off her prime suspects.

KILL SIX COVER final.jpg


Ken Bishop needed the money from his mother's estate.  Ken Bishop needed to kill his siblings to get it.  So, he killed a sister.

Agent Danny Carlisle is given the assignment to look into the death of a woman with dementia at a nursing home.  The woman had been given only days to live but someone had murdered her.  While Carlisle investigates, Ken Bishop is carrying out the murder of a brother, leaving three siblings alive.  He thinks.  Bishop soon discovers one of his two remaining sisters has died, and then the last.  And then Ken Bishop is wondering if he will be next.


Agent Danny Carlisle had been assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of an undentified body. This did not please Danny. She would need to look for clues in the oppressive heat of summer, among piles of garbage, and with a new partner. 


But what Danny didn’t know as she procrastinated, was that the sweltering weather would soon be gone. What she didn’t know was that what awaited her inside the tent would be gruesome beyond her imagination, an almost unimaginable display of cruelty. What she didn’t know was that as much as this would challenge her senses, it would pale in comparison to other events that were about to change her life.

Doc Hunter Murder Mysteries - BCA Agent Peter 'Doc' Hunter would rather be golfing.  In fact, he wants to be a professional golfer.  Unfortunately for Doc, people keep getting killed so his day job keeps getting in his way.



A woman and her child are missing, a U.S. senator accused of orchestrating the disappearance .


Spring is dragging its feet in central Minnesota. The snow is disappearing, but not fast enough for Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension agent Doc Hunter who has gone south to get in some outdoor golf. He’s feeling good about his game, he’s getting ready for the Minnesota Open, when he’s called back to work to investigate the disappearance.


Doc is not happy about having his golf game interrupted, and he’s even less happy when his investigation discovers he has been lied to – by a U.S. senator. Doc is getting pressed by the governor and his boss to wrap the case up, when he discovers the disappearance of another woman and her baby may be related, and the senator’s son may be involved.



 A family of three shot dead.  Point-blank.  On a hot summer day.  One of the dead is the star quarterback of the local college.  Agent Peter 'Doc' Hunter is called to investigate.  It doesn't take him long to discover that information is being withheld by people who knew the quarterback - to protect him and themselves.  As Hunter digs deeper his list of suspects only seems to grow.  Doc calls for help but the killer isn't waiting.

Not Just For Kids - My wife is encouraging me to write more of these books, so I'm working on it.

Jingle Bells



A plump and lazy young elf named Winker has made a disaster of his first day in Santa's Workshop. The elf in charge of the workshop wants him thrown out but Santa takes pity on the bumbling elf and creates a job for him as the caretaker of Santa's sleigh.
Winker's new job is the easiest at the North Pole, cleaning the sleigh before and after Christmas, something he faithfully does for many years. Unfortunately, he forgets to also take care of the building where the sleigh is stored and finds early one winter that Santa's sleigh is ruined. Now Winker must get a new sleigh for Santa in time for Christmas or be banished from the North Pole forever.

Bicycle Betty

Bicycle Betty


Ten year old Elizabeth is tall for her age and she's outgrown her bike. Her parents get her a new bicycle for her birthday - one that is a little big, a little old-fashioned, and very special. Elizabeth names her new bike Betty and gives Betty a heart because all living things have a heart - and Betty is definitely alive.
Bicycle Betty is the story of the life of a very special bicycle - a life filled with twists and turns, excitement and danger, sadness and happy times. Bicycle Betty takes you on a ride you won't forget.

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