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When you’ve been down-sized out of your job a couple of times, you get a little tired of it. And when that second downsizing comes when sixty is in your face, you kind of get to thinking that maybe it’s time to listen to yourself and give what you’ve wanted to do for most of your life a try. And that’s what happened to Chuck (C.).


Chuck had started his own consulting business after his first lay-off, and was soon hired by Al and Ron Lindner, founders of In-Fisherman. Chuck was struck with the fishing bug at an early age (thanks to his father), so to be hired by the ‘World’s Foremost Expert on Freshwater Fishing’ was something he couldn’t imagine. His consulting gig turned permanent and Nelson moved from Minneapolis to the small town of Brainerd in northern Minnesota. Most days found him in the office working on marketing, but he also spent nights and weekends fishing, as well as making many excursions to the far reaches of Canada fishing with some of the best anglers in the country. And then, In-Fisherman was sold to an investment company who never did understand the business, so Chuck accepted a position as the publisher of FLW Outdoors in Kentucky. But this involved a lot of time away from home and family and the owners of In-Fisherman wanted him back, so he returned to Minnesota. And then they sacked him.


All through his life. Chuck had filled notebooks with stories he’d write in his spare time, only to have life get in the way, the stories discarded. He tried consulting again after leaving In-Fisherman, and a couple of other things, but finally decided that he needed to stop writing stories to be abandoned, and actually give writing a try.


His children’s stories, Jingle Bells and Bicycle Betty, came first, then it was time for something completely different. His wife would like him to try some more children’s tales. We’ll see.


Formerly little known facts about C.E. Nelson:


  • Born in Houston, Texas, Chuck also lived in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to Minnesota in second grade.

  • He was a decent baseball player, playing in the Babe Ruth World Series and in college.


An avid angler, Chuck served in various positions at In-Fisherman and FLW Outdoors, including a stint as Publisher for the latter. He authored the book "The New Fishing Fundamentals" for In-Fisherman. 

His published fiction writing began with two children's books.  His children loved the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Frosty the Snowman" annual television specials providing the inspiration for "Jingle Bells". Bicycle Betty was inspired by a conversation regarding a bicycle that had been stolen but was later found in a pond.

Clean Kill, Blood River, No Other Gods, Bring Her Home, A Time For Revenge, and Purgatory Creek follow the exploits of Dave and Don Trask, identical twin brothers in law enforcement, as they chase down killers across Minnesota.  Like Chuck, the brothers love to fish, and he tries to throw in a few fishing tidbits in each book.   

The Edge of Winter is the first solo book for Danny Carlisle, an agent who has previously appeared in a few of the Trak Brother's books.  Danny is headstrong and independent, traits that seem to get her in serious trouble.

Thanks for reading!

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