It was never a good idea to be on Lake Superior when the wind was blowing, especially not in the small boat Craven owned. It was silly, really, despite the weather. There was no need. Craven finally decided to call it quits and head in when he caught sight of another boat. The boat would disappear in the swells and then reappear again, closer each time, until Craven finally decided the bigger boat must be checking on him to see if he is all right. Craven waved, then lost sight of the boat again only to look up moments later to see the boat jumping off a wave – directly at him.


As Sheriff Dave Trask investigates the likely hit-and-run killing of Craven, he discovers the man is part of an odd group of people who collect things. People who do not especially care for each other. When another member of the group is murdered, Trask suspects the killings are related and that the other members of the collectors club may be in danger from one of their own. What he discovers is something much different.

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