Three dead.  Shot point-blank at a farmhouse.   A hot summer day just got hotter.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Agent Doc Hunter was just rolling out of bed.  He had a tee time at a nice course, one he'd have to hurry to make.  But Doc wouldn't be golfing today.  His boss was sending him to southwest Minnesota to investigate a triple homicide.

That made Doc less than happy.  It was his day off and he needed the practice if he was going to achieve his goal of turning pro.  But Doc still needed his day job too so he headed west where what he found made him even less happy.  


A star quarterback and his parents had been murdered and local law enforcement was withholding information.  On top of that, he had more suspects than he could handle and a killer who seemed bent on killing more each day.  

Soon, the media, the town, and his boss are putting the pressure on.  Doc needs to catch a killer on a rampage.



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