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There was something heavy in the bag. SOMETHING DEAD.


There was no escaping the heat and humidity. Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Agent Danny Carlisle sat in her car, the air conditioner running. It was not the Florida-like weather on this Minnesota morning that was keeping her in her car. It was not the piles of garbage that lined the streets, remnants of a just-ended strike, although the odor that hung in the air was part of it. What made Danny hesitate was a specific bag of garbage to her right, inside a tent, the contents of which was about to ruin her day.


But what Danny didn’t know as she procrastinated, was that the sweltering weather would soon be gone. What she didn’t know was that what awaited her inside the tent would be gruesome beyond her imagination, an almost unimaginable display of cruelty. What she didn’t know was that as much as this would challenge her senses, it would pale in comparison to other events that were about to change her life.


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